Ballot Recommendations

Here are my recommendations for the primary ballot:

  • Governor:  Josh Jones
  • Lt. Governor: Gayle McLaughlin
  • Secretary of State:  Michael Feinstein
  • Controller:  Mary Lou Finley
  • Treasurer:  Kevin Akin
  • Attorney General:  Dave Jones
  • Insurance Commissioner:  Natalie Hrizi
  • State Board of Equalization: David Dodson
  • U. S. Senate: John Thompson Parker or Michael Ziesing (an official write-in)
  • U. S. Congressional District 8:  Marge Doyle
  • State Assembly District 42: Carol A. Bouldin

Ballot Propositions:

  • Prop 68: YES
  • Prop 69: YES
  • Prop 70: NO
  • Prop 71: YES
  • Prop 72: YES

One of the most important things for us to accomplish in order to achieve more democracy in this country is to break up the two-party tyranny, so if there is a Green or Peace and Freedom candidate running, I highly recommend voting for her or him rather than for a member of a major party. None of the Democrats listed above have a Green or P&F candidate running against them or I would not have recommended voting for them.  Plus, if the person running is a Green or a Peace and Freedom candidate or was an elected Green (like all but 3 of these recommendations are), you don’t have to wonder if s/he’s progressive or not like you do if s/he’s a Democrat!