Ballot Recommendations

Here are my recommendations for the primary ballot:

  • Governor:  Josh Jones
  • Lt. Governor: Gayle McLaughlin
  • Secretary of State:  Michael Feinstein
  • Controller:  Mary Lou Finley
  • Treasurer:  Kevin Akin
  • Attorney General:  Dave Jones
  • Insurance Commissioner:  Natalie Hrizi
  • State Board of Equalization: David Dodson
  • U. S. Senate: John Thompson Parker or Michael Ziesing (an official write-in)
  • U. S. Congressional District 8:  Marge Doyle
  • State Assembly District 42: Carol A. Bouldin

Ballot Propositions:

  • Prop 68: YES
  • Prop 69: YES
  • Prop 70: NO
  • Prop 71: YES
  • Prop 72: YES

One of the most important things for us to accomplish in order to achieve more democracy in this country is to break up the two-party tyranny, so if there is a Green or Peace and Freedom candidate running, I highly recommend voting for her or him rather than for a member of a major party. None of the Democrats listed above have a Green or P&F candidate running against them or I would not have recommended voting for them.  Plus, if the person running is a Green or a Peace and Freedom candidate or was an elected Green (like all but 3 of these recommendations are), you don’t have to wonder if s/he’s progressive or not like you do if s/he’s a Democrat!



Letter to the Editor re Need for Electoral Reform

Today my letter to the editor was about the need for electoral reform.  I focused on Stop Top 2, ranked choice voting, and proportional representation.  Here is the link:

How Do We Implement the Ten Key Values in the State Budget?

 The Ten Key Values of the Green Party are: 

Ecological Wisdom
Social Justice
Grassroots Democracy
Community-Based Economics
Respect for Diversity
Personal & Global Responsibility

How do We Incentivize the Behavior We Want to Encourage and incentivize quality vs. quantity?

Ecological Wisdom, Sustainability, Decentralization & Community-Based Economics

AKA How do we substitute ecological gems of wisdom for a lump of coal (or uranium or plutonium) in our proverbial Christmas stocking?

We can incentivize the conversion to clean energy for individuals and businesses and non-profits of all sizes by offering not only tax breaks but matching funds and grants to low-income individuals and families

We can offer our cities matching funds and grants to run their own utilities and convert to clean energy sources

We can build a rail system like Europe has that connects the entire state so people can choose rapid transit rather than driving cars

We can provide incentives for cities that incorporate bike lanes, green belts, and pedestrian-friendly roads and that institute an auto-free day per month

We can provide grants for students/teachers/community leaders who devise eco-friendly practices in their schools and communities

We can provide matching funds and grants to worker-owned enterprises


Non-Violence & Social Justice, Grassroots Democracy, Feminism & Respect for Diversity

In order to implement these values we can do the following:

We can offer matching funds and grants to schools to institute non-bullying and gender and cultural sensitivity programs

We can offer matching funds and grants to counties that implement domestic violence programs

We can offer matching funds and grants to schools and universities to institute rape prevention and accountability programs

We can offer matching funds and grants to communities that develop cultural educational programs and festivities

We can offer matching funds and grants to police departments that practice community-based policing and show a decrease in incidents of police violence

We can expand our victim witness programs to offer more treatment and training

We can implement restorative justice programs that hold offenders accountable in a personal way so we can heal the cycle of abuse

We can reinstate true rehabilitative programs in our correctional facilities that treat, educate, and train offenders

We can provide incentives for cities and counties to implement electoral reforms like ranked choice voting and open-source election software, voting machines, and tabulators.


How do we get the money?

Remove insurance companies and pharmaceuticals from our healthcare system

Hold big polluters accountable and start charging them a carbon tax

Close the property tax loophole for commercial property

Create a state bank that offers low-cost loans to California residents

Tax natural resource extraction and use

Charge royalties for the use of our natural resources—oil, timber, minerals, and water

Pass a progressive tax system instead of the regressive one now in use

Real Left Politics Interview with Stewart Alexander

You can listen to my May 9th interview on Real Left Politics with Stewart Alexander at this link:

Interview with Green Party of Santa Clara County

Hello Californians!

Hello Californians! If you believe that it’s time that someone represents our district who supports Single Payer healthcare, clean energy, banning fracking, getting money out of politics, and doing away with Top Two primaries, please support my campaign for A. D. 42! Green Party candidates do not take any dark money, including money from corporations.