Thank you, the 99%, for your support!

I want to thank each and every one of you who endorsed me and/or donated to my campaign! Every time a Green Party candidate runs it makes more people aware that they have an actual choice, that they are not consigned to voting for one of two major corporate parties whose interest lies with their corporate donors rather than with the 99%. I am very grateful that you empowered us to reach voters in the 42nd Assembly District. We did not make it into the general election because of the undemocratic Top Two primary, but we have attained what we set out to do: offer the voters a real alternative and make voters aware of Green values and issues and how we do not take money from the 1%.

Ballot Recommendations

Here are my recommendations for the primary ballot:

  • Governor:  Josh Jones
  • Lt. Governor: Gayle McLaughlin
  • Secretary of State:  Michael Feinstein
  • Controller:  Mary Lou Finley
  • Treasurer:  Kevin Akin
  • Attorney General:  Dave Jones
  • Insurance Commissioner:  Natalie Hrizi
  • State Board of Equalization: David Dodson
  • U. S. Senate: John Thompson Parker or Michael Ziesing (an official write-in)
  • U. S. Congressional District 8:  Marge Doyle
  • State Assembly District 42: Carol A. Bouldin

Ballot Propositions:

  • Prop 68: YES
  • Prop 69: YES
  • Prop 70: NO
  • Prop 71: YES
  • Prop 72: YES

One of the most important things for us to accomplish in order to achieve more democracy in this country is to break up the two-party tyranny, so if there is a Green or Peace and Freedom candidate running, I highly recommend voting for her or him rather than for a member of a major party. None of the Democrats listed above have a Green or P&F candidate running against them or I would not have recommended voting for them.  Plus, if the person running is a Green or a Peace and Freedom candidate or was an elected Green (like all but 3 of these recommendations are), you don’t have to wonder if s/he’s progressive or not like you do if s/he’s a Democrat!



Green Women Rising!

Four Green Party women who are running for state office in California and one running for U. S. Congress participated in this video interview.  Please watch and give it a thumbs up if you like it!

Letter to the Editor re Need for Electoral Reform

Today my letter to the editor was about the need for electoral reform.  I focused on Stop Top 2, ranked choice voting, and proportional representation.  Here is the link: