At the Women’s March in Riverside

I was there holding the ERA YES! sign, raising awareness that we must pass the Equal Rights Amendment in order to finally secure equality for women in the U. S. Constitution.  With the ratification of Nevada in 2017, we now need only two more states for the ERA to finally be ratified, now nearly 100 years since it was first introduced as the Lucretia Mott Amendment in 1923, and nearly 50 years since it was re-introduced in 1972.

It is high time the Equal Rights Amendment to the federal constitution is ratified so women are no longer second-class citizens!  We have done our part here in California, back in 1972, along with now 35 other states in total.  Of the 14 states that have not ratified, Virginia and Illinois are the likeliest to ratify so the ERA can finally become federal law!!

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